TIEZZI Construction, LLC

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The Mission Statement:

"Tiezzi Construction, LLC is a service first Construction Company that provides a high quality project through a team effort of thought, design, and construction resulting in lasting relationships!"

The Mission Statement means that Tiezzi Construction thinks of each construction project as a service oriented project first, similar to how an architect would think about a project. To accomplish this, Steven first takes the time to understand the design intent or design style of each project. Then, based on his training as an architect, Steven is able to adapt to that architectural style to come up with design solutions during construction that are compatible with the overall project design. This level of design thought is carried through all levels of building trades so that as the project progresses the design and construction team work as one to reinforce the goals of the Client.

Through this Team Building approach it is clear on the job-site that the most important goal is to provide the Client with an amazing construction experience resulting in a great project!